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SFM understands and accepts the principles of Data Protection and the NEW 2018 GDPR.



SFM Technology Ltd does not believe that any suppliers hold any of its employee’s personal data.

Suppliers have no authority to and must not hold personal data on any SFM personnel.

If any supplier believes they are holding personal data they must supply detail of the information and in what context they are holding it. The data must then be destroyed and the supplier must confirm destruction and the method to the SFM Data Protection contact: Helen Richards.


NB: Company and company-associated data is given freely and is not subject to any restriction whatsoever.




Where a customer may hold personal personnel data, they must clarify in what context the data is being held in and on whom. Details of secure storage method and the retention policy are also required along with validation /clarification of the reasons for storage / retention.



Job Applications:     6 months (held in a secure physical and digital location)

CCTV:                          26 days with an auto overwrite facility

Telephone calls        Auto delete every 30 days

Policy / Notice by:       Helen Richards (QMS Manager)

Dated:                           01.05.2018





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